Three Features That Sets Apps for Carers From the Rest

Three Features That Sets Apps for Carers From the Rest

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in Apps for Carers, apps for community care, care app, community care app, Community Care, mobile forms, mobile workforce, smart forms

Each program that is sold to the market has its own set of defining features. The Apps for Carers are not an exception – it does have some great features that set it distinctly and make it stand out amongst its brethren in the market. When you learn what these features are, you will also learn why the app makes a great investment for a social care company.

What Are The Unique Features of the App?

Without further ado, let us launch into the discussion and learn what features set the Community Care App apart:

  1. In-form signatures
    Signatures have always been tricky to work around with because they DO need paper in order to be affixed into a report. That totally defeats the purpose of using the app if one has to scan a signature and digitally affix it into the mobile forms; instead, the developers have come up with a means that leverages the capabilities of current tablets and other mobile devices. How did they work around this hurdle? They simply took advantage of the touch screens of these mobile forms to enable users to draw and affix their signatures directly into the form.

  2. Drawing overlay for graphs and charts
    It had been previously difficult to come up with charts and graphs without using a laptop or desktop computer, but the app is user-friendly enough to allow users to create their graphs and charts on their mobile devices themselves using templates that have been pre-designed and pre-loaded with the app. Moreover, the mobile forms also come with a unique feature – the Drawing Overlay. Simply put, these features enable a user to draw over the existing templates to come up with a unique and customized report for sending back to home-base.

  3. Required fields
    To prevent omission of important data, the smart forms can be configured to have the ‘Required fields’ feature. You simply have to mark the fields as required, and the system will be told to hold on submissions where there is an omitted field or a number of omitted fields in the form. This way, the app makes sure that the data submitted is compliant with standards and has all the information that the organization needs for its data and information management processes.

There’s More to the App than Three Great Features

Of course, these three features are only the surface, so to speak, and the Care App has so much more to offer social care organizations and their mobile workforce. It is highly recommended to check out the app’s features by visiting Community Care and going through the information there. Take our tour now!

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