How to Process New Social Care Cases with Care Apps

How to Process New Social Care Cases with Care Apps

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Investing in Care Apps is absolutely the right direction to take every social care group. These groups will see much great stuff happening to their respective organizations once the app has been installed and implemented into their existing work processes.

A Summary of the App’s Capabilities

The Care App is a mobile device application, but it has a suite of features and capabilities that can be accessed with a mobile phone or tablet, as well as laptop and desktop computers. Its capabilities center on the use of mobile forms to submit information, thus making this process timely and more convenient for social care experts in the field. If there is a development on the case, the people in the workforce can easily update management about it.

A Typical Workflow

To understand more about how the apps work, here is a typical workflow involving a social care expert and a new case.

To process the new case, the expert would have to interview the individual who is the subject of the proceeding. In the old days, the subject would have to fill up paperwork with the necessary information. Of course, it has worked every time but not without encountering hitches. For example, the information is sometimes incomplete and, in most cases, erroneous. This is beyond the social care expert’s control, because headquarters cannot give feedback right away. It would take more time to correct these errors and omissions, and could get in the way of the actual social care service to be rendered.

With the help of the Apps for Community Care, however, this process is now streamlined. The digital forms that are utilized by the app have error trapping features that prevent the omission of certain information – these electronic forms cannot be submitted unless the omitted data is corrected and filled out. Once the forms are submitted, the higher ups can look at the information and request amendments or additional information when applicable. This is possible within a span of a few minutes and, at most, an hour. Once the mobile formsare approved, the social care expert can then proceed to the actual social care service he or she came to do.

So, a typical process to initiate a case would go like this:

  1. The social care expert lets the subject fill up a mobile form using the Carers App.

  2. The expert then submits the paperless form to headquarters. The information is duly updated when requested and resubmitted.

  3. Once management acknowledges and approves the mobile forms, the case is now opened and ready for processing.

Here’s another neat thing about the app – social care experts and their subjects can use the touch screen of the mobile devices to affix their signatures to the forms.

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