How App for Community Care Can Safeguard Security of Data

How App for Community Care Can Safeguard Security of Data

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Managing information is one of the processes that social care organizations have to deal with. Some social care cases have sensitive information involved, so it is important that these are safeguarded. Using the App for Community Care, social care groups can introduce a stringent system that can keep people from stealing the information on the cases handled by the group.

Dangers of Data Theft

Social care is a very sensitive topic, and a social care group can be in charge of equally sensitive information from the subjects themselves. The biggest danger of data theft is that the specifics of each social care group is can be used to blackmail or extort the subjects in the case. There are, after all, some unscrupulous individuals who would want to create a scandal against social care subjects.

Security Features of the App

The danger posed by data thieves is real, and the security of information that the social groups are responsible for is one of the cornerstones of the app’s development. The developers of the app have fitted the app with three levels of security:

  1. Forms-only
    This is the most basic access right provided by the Community Care Apps. As its name suggests, the usernames who are granted this access right can only open the mobile forms assigned to them and, once the electronic forms have been submitted, they no longer can access the information that they have inputted there. It’s also impossible for these people to access the Database and the Management Portal to make copies or alter the information.

  2. Portal-only
    This access right is granted to management teams, who can receive and review information from the field. They can assign electronic forms for the mobile workforce, re-assign these forms, receive them and request further information. They can also file the information into the database and schedule reports for the higher levels of management.

  3. Administrators
    Administrators have full access to the entire system. This access right is usually reserved for the heads of the organization, and the echelon immediately below them.

This paperless security system is very simple, but is very effective at doing its job. Compared to paperwork, the use of the smart forms in this system prevents data theft and unauthorized access of information. The elimination of paper, for instance, makes it virtually impossible for thieves to create copies of each social care case’s sensitive information. This is because data is sent right away to the database with no copies left behind on the mobile device.

The App for Community Care, of course, has other features outside ensuring the security of the social care groups’ data.

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