Formitize Transforms Medical Businesses with Health Visitor App

Formitize Transforms Medical Businesses with Health Visitor App

Published on: 16-04-2014 | by Misty in Health Visitor App, Healthcare Visitor App, Medical Visitor App, Healthcare Visitor, Healthcare Software, paperless, mobile workforce, smart forms, paperless forms, mobile forms

SYDNEY, Australia April 2014 – Health Visitor App is a software that aims to improve the efficiency of health care services and other medical-related businesses. This business-to-business application works on Android, Apple, or Windows smartphones and tablets. Users can download the paperless app and enjoy a plethora of benefits.

Healthcare Visitor App is smartly designed to further boost the productivity of mobile workforce in the health industry. So, for those who are looking for innovative yet cost-effective ways to improve their efficiency and productivity, this technological breakthrough can be of great help.

Who Can Use Health Visitor App?

With the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets, health care providers and other related health organizations can surely benefit from using Medical Visitor App. This paperless tool promotes faster and smoother business operations; thus, improving the workflow of businesses, regardless of the company’s location. The app is convenient to use and ensures the compliance of policies while improving the professionalism of reporting through smart forms that any mobile workforce can open and update anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare Visitor enables users to access stored paperless forms even without Internet connection. Whether located in the city or any remote area, anyone provided with a username and password can access the app anytime with or without Internet connection. Delivering compliant reports is also made easier as the mobile workforce can now complete medical checklist in mobile forms and generate accurate reports in an instant. This Healthcare Software also comes with other useful features such as voice recording, GPS, and an integrated camera that allows field agents to take photos and then tag them for easy search later.

The Many Uses of Health Visitor App

Using Health Visitor App, health and medical inspectors can track documents, records, and other important files in real time. Apart from that, the app also enhances the operations of health and medical enterprises through its integrated features. Business heads can now monitor the progress of their mobile workforce and make sure that they are always updated with new and existing health policies, as well as the latest versions of company documents.

More so, it has a Management Portal feature that allows administrators to dispatch jobs and specific tasks with pre-filled forms to their mobile workforce to save time. The Health Visitor App enables users to save and keep all important photos, reports, files, and other documents. It is 100% secure and safe as it provides an easy way to control and organize files using its E-Library feature. Store, update, and share the latest versions of company policies, brochures, safe work method statements, and reports using paperless forms. Healthcare Visitor App allows health care companies and medical service businesses to enjoy the benefits and advantages of making paperwork paperless.

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