Formitize Releases Community Care App for Social Care Groups

Formitize Releases Community Care App for Social Care Groups

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in Community Care App, Community Care Apps, Care App, App for Community Care, digital forms, mobile workforce, mobile forms

SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Formitize specializes in the creation of industry-specific apps that can help streamline and improve existing workflows for their targeted niche. Now, it includes Community Care in its target markets with the release of Community Care App.

The App Helps Ensure Security of Confidential Data

Maintaining the privacy of their clients is the top priority of any community care professional. This obligation is mandated by law. But now, with the help of the Community Care Apps from Formitize, community care professionals and organizations now have the tools necessary to safeguard sensitive information about their community care cases.

Community Care App Features

The impressive features of the Care App designed to ensure information security, privacy, and data theft prevention include:

1. Three levels of access rights
Formitize’s security protocol is very easy to understand and equally easy to enforce. At the bottom of the access rights chain is the ‘Forms Only’ access right. This can be used to forcibly limit community care providers in the field from updating and viewing information on the digital forms that are assigned to them. This, together with the administrative level access rights, helps prevent rank-and-file members of the organization from making unauthorized copies of sensitive information.

2. Transparency by remote tracking and monitoring
Administrators who can access the Management Portal can easily track incoming information and determine from whom the reports came from as well as identify who had made changes to existing information. This capability of the App for Community Care ensures transparency and makes it possible to spot whenever someone has attempted to tamper with or attain unauthorized access to sensitive data on the organization’s community care cases.

In addition to its excellent security and privacy-oriented features, the app also has the following reporting and information management capabilities:

1. Real-time report submission
With their mobile devices and an active Internet connection, members of the organization’s mobile workforce can easily submit status reports on their cases and expect to have headquarters receive the information in real-time. Headquarters can also expect the same from their community care providers in the field – they can request reports and reasonably expect to receive the information within the hour.

2. Archiving features
The Apps for Carers have the Resources E-Library that the organization can make use to archive reports that could be of use in the future. For instance, they can create case studies that can be used to train new community care providers that join the organization. When they join up, the new members can simply access these case studies using their mobile devices and log-in credentials for the app.

3. Features towards creating professional-looking reports
The software’s mobile forms come with several features that ensure professionally created reports, such as in-form signatures, required fields capability to prevent omission of vital information, and the capability to include graphs to reports, among others.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Community care organizations can now look forward to better information management and security protocols with Community Care The app’s mobile forms and paperless reports can significantly improve data management for social care organizations around the world.”

Discover why Community Care App is a must-have for social care groups around the world. Take the tour today!

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