Economic and Environmental Benefits to Investing in Carers App

Economic and Environmental Benefits to Investing in Carers App

Published on: 24-12-2014 | by Misty in Care App, Carers App, community care apps, digital forms, mobile workforce, paperless

When discussing a solution such as Carers App, the tendency is to focus on its technological capabilities. However, there are other benefits to be enjoyed from the app as well – benefits that are economic and environmental in nature. Although secondary to the actual benefits of the software, these benefits are worth checking out as well.

Environmental Benefits

The Care App provides a paperless solution for the social care group’s reporting and data management processes. This means that implementing the application and its digital forms will eliminate the use of paper in producing the reports and, thus, helping to conserve the environment by lessening the demand for cutting trees. Aside from that, the elimination of paper in the reporting process will also enhance the safety of the office.

Paper, after all, is one of the biggest safety hazards in the world – it can catch fire and burn an entire place if enough of it lies around in enough quantity. While there are ways to protect documents like putting them in a fire-proof safe, having them in a more secure digital environment is certainly more advantageous and inexpensive to maintain. There is also no need any more to worry about data theft as the Care Apps guarantees the security of sensitive data.

Economic and Financial Benefits

The other advantage of the Community Care Apps is central to the financial and economic status of the social care group. By eliminating the use of paper, the group can actually save at least 20 percent off their monthly expenses. Some organizations even report up to 50 percent of their total operating expenses when they stopped using paper or, at the least minimize their use of it for their reporting processes. These savings can be used to invest in additional equipment or to recruit additional manpower, as the retirement of baby boomers – people born after World War 2 – calls for a growth in the social care sector in terms of the number of workers involved.

Aside from the economical and financial benefits that the Care App brings to the social care organization, there is also the fact that the program is remarkably easy to use. Once it is implemented, the social care group can simply expect it to get to work for them in no time.

This is perhaps an additional aspect to the financial benefits of the app – the organization will not have to spend money in training their mobile workforce on how to use the application in their daily work processes.

It’s time for social care groups and their managers to think about investing in Carers App. Take our tour today!

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